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Castle Home Inspection in Yorkville, Illinois

Welcome to Castle Home Inspection, serving the thriving community of Yorkville, Illinois. Our team of certified inspectors is dedicated to providing thorough home inspection services to ensure your property’s safety and quality.

Why Choose Castle Home Inspection in Yorkville?

Yorkville is a picturesque city with a blend of historic charm and modern amenities. Whether you’re buying, selling, or maintaining a home, Castle Home Inspection is your reliable partner in achieving peace of mind.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of inspection services tailored to meet the needs of Yorkville homeowners, including:

  • Same-Day Inspection Reports: Receive detailed and easy-to-understand reports on the same day as your inspection.
  • Radon and Mold Testing: Protect your home from harmful radon gas and mold with our comprehensive testing services.
  • Sewer Scopes: Identify potential issues in your sewer line before they escalate into major problems.


Why Yorkville Homeowners Trust Us

Yorkville residents trust Castle Home Inspection because of our dedication to quality, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. Our inspectors are highly trained and experienced in identifying potential issues in both new and older homes.

Schedule Your Inspection Today

Safeguard your investment and ensure the safety of your home in Yorkville, Illinois. Contact Castle Home Inspection today to schedule your comprehensive home inspection.

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Castle Home Inspection provides expert certified property inspection services in Naperville and the surrounding suburbs. As your personal building consultants, we thoroughly inspect all major components of a property to expose defects and advise on potential maintenance your home may need. We back our home inspection services with the area’s best-backed warranties and guarantees.

Inspection Request Form

If you’re booking an inspection for a multifamily unit please call the office at  630-462-1050

Inspection rates and time are not final until approved by the office. 

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